Shipping & Delivery


1. Shipping & Delivery Method

The shipping and delivery policy is applied to customers who buy products on the website, DMCK fanpage and call the hotline, and not applied to customers who buy directly at the store. Orders will be delivered to the receiving address of the customer provided through the intermediary shipping company

2. Shipping & Delivery Time

- For orders delivery inside and outside of Hanoi : Delivery maximum time is 1-3 days after ordering.

- For orders delivery in other provinces : Delivery time is 2-3 days for downtown areas, 3-7 days for suburbs, districts, communes, towns ... (Not including Saturday, Sunday or public holidays)

3. Note in the delivery process

- Order processing time will be counted from the time you completed your payment.

- Delivery time may be changed if requested by the customer and DMCK proactively changes in case of being affected by natural disasters or other special events.

- Your order will be delivered a maximum of 2 times. In case the first delivery fails, our customer support team will contact you to arrange a second delivery schedule. In case we can not contact or receive any feedback from you, your order will no longer be valid.

- To check the information or status of your order, please inbox fanpage or call the hotline, and provide your name and phone number to be checked.

- When the goods are delivered to you, please confirm with the delivery staff and check the correct quantity and type of goods delivered. Please keep the shipping receipt and the purchase invoice for checking.

4. Shipping fees

Shipping fees depend on the shipping address and the charges from the carrier.

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