Return & Exchange

Return and Exchange Policy

When buying products at DMCK, within 24 hours after receiving the goods, you are accepted to exchange products or exchange for higher value products with paying the price difference. However, before making the request, you should note the following specific requirements:

1. Check conditions of returning and exchanging goods

(*) Products eligible for return and exchange are products that satisfy the following conditions and are not on the list of non-exchangeable products.

- The product must be returned within 24 hours (confirmation postmark or carrier) from the date of receipt of the order by the Customer.

- The product must be intact, in its original condition with intact stamps and accessories (boxes, extra bags ...).

- Promotional gifts are valid (if any).

- The product is not dirty, broken, damaged, sticky, scratched, has a strange smell.

- The product must not have been used and still with full accessories.

- The product is still in the packaging with the product code.

- The product delivered wrong, or with missing accessories, missing goods.

- The product breaks down during transportation to the Customer.

- The product has defect due to manufacturer.

- The product delivered with the wrong color or wrong product which the customer ordered.

- The return item must have a value greater than or equal to the product to be exchanged. In case of wrong delivery, DMCK will return the product for free.

- Each product can only be exchanged one time.

(*) Non-exchangeable Products include:

- The products purchased in the promotion program which does not apply the return policy.

– The products are paper masks (for face, eyes, lips, legs, hands).

– The products are accessories.

2. Return & Exchange Instructions

To return or exchange products, please perform the following 02 simple steps:

Bước 1: Contact DMCK via Hotline 0974 36.18.13 to check if the product meets the return & exchange conditions.

Bước 2: Choose return & exchange method: Bring it directly to DMCK stores or send it by post

– If you bring it directly to DMCK stores, you just need to bring the product and proof of receipt (red invoice (VAT).

– If you send by post, you should pay attention to confirm with the delivery carrier about the status of the goods: intact sealed seals, original boxes, intact products, and not broken or damaged, and with full accessories.


– If the product meets the conditions of exchange, within 7 days from the date we receive the return goods, we will send you via email or SMS an E-Voucher code with the value equal to the payment value of the exchanged product. E-Voucher is only applied for exchanging goods. You can only use E-Voucher to buy goods online at DMCK website.

– The expiry date of E-Voucher is 90 days from the date you receive our email notification of E-Voucher code.

3. The Fees related to the exchange

Some of the fees you need to bear when exchanging goods are as follows:

– Cost of delivery by post: If you do not bring the product directly to exchange at the DMCK office, you will be responsible for the full cost of delivering the product to DMCK.

– In case you send the product that does not meet the return conditions, we will send the product back to you and you will be responsible to pay the delivery fee of this return.

4. Note when returning products to DMCK

Please pack the returned product with proof of receipt (red invoice (VAT)) and send to DMCK office at No 267, Khuat Duy Tien Street, Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi City.

The time for DMCK to receive the goods shall not exceed 15 days from the date of successful delivery. If you send the goods after 15 days of delivery, we will not process. This return & exchange policy may be changed without notice due to the standard goods conditions. Therefore, please regularly update information at the DMCK website

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