Beautiful skin as number one priority

Professional Aesthetic Brand



to keep skin’s natural values

DMCK are working hard to get closer to our customers


  • Department Store
  • Duty Free Shop
  • Drugstore
  • Shopping Mall


DMCK Business

  • Medicinal Aesthetics, professional cosmetics used in the spa to study the effectiveness and quality you can trust at home
  • Considering various skin characteristics for cosmetics that skin needs. We develop products that can be use for sensitive skin safely
  • We are constantly researching for healthy skin and suggesting ways to manage it properly



  • Cherry blossom in Seoul collar 298, Daerung Post Tower 6th 1110, No.298, Beotkkot-ro, Geumcheon- gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
  • Tel: 080-087-0870 / 010-4911-0210

    Fax: 02-868-0874





  • 19/01Acquired patent for <Clean Ac Ampoule>
  • 19/01Store in <Olive Young> drugstore
  • 19/01Store in <Kakao Makers>


  • 18/01Shilla Duty Free Shop in Seoul
  • 18/01Clean Ac Plus Ampoule Thailand Home Shopping Launched <True GS> broadcasting
  • 18/03Shilla Duty Free Shop in Jeju Branch
  • 18/03Supporting the KBS weekend drama <Come Along>
  • 18/04China Xiaohongshu Store (RBTG & Persona)
  • 18/06Agreement on marketing cooperation
  • 18/06China <2018 Awarded the 10th MEIYI Award>
  • 18/08Establishment of <Kakaotalk gift> Shinsegae Department Store
  • 18/10Lotte Duty-Free Shop opened in <Sogong Branch>
  • 18/11Sponsorship of 60th anniversary of <HEC-KOREA> event
  • 18/12Lotte Department Store opened Avenuel <On and The Beauty>


  • 17/03Participated in <2017 Korea Style Week Plus Collection>
  • 17/05Launched Lotte Home Shopping <Clean Ac Plus Ampoule>
  • 17/06Lotte Home Shopping second broadcast sold out
  • 17/07JTBC Drama <She Distinguished > Sponsors
  • 17/08<Consumer Satisfaction index ranked first by consumers>
  • 17/08LOTTE SHOPPING Third broadcast sold out
  • 17/08DMCK brand model <Han Ji-hye> selected
  • 17/09Dong-A Department Store in Susung DMCK brand store
  • 17/10Lotte Home Shopping sold out
  • 17/12LOHB’S 94 store opening official store
  • 17/12Esthetics Magazine <Signature> and Business Alliance Agreement


  • 16/02Cosmetic section <DMCK Clean Ac Ampoule> Power Brand Selection
  • 16/05DMCK official online shopping mall opened
  • 16/08Clean Ac Ampoule NAVER Shopping Essence Part 1st
  • 16/08Established DMCK subsidiary of <Woori Trade>
  • 16/11<The 24th Grand Prize of Korean Culture Entertainment> ‘Medical Cosmetic Grand’ Prize
  • 16/12Shinsegae Department Store <CHICOR>


  • 15/04<DMCK Vitamin C Ampoule> Fashion of the Josun Dynasty Beauty pouch selection
  • 15/08Acquisition of DMCK trademark
  • 15/09MBC radio <Mini-MBC> CM advertisement
  • 15/11<Cosmetic Grand Prize> for Korean Culture Awards
  • 15/12Signed an industry-academy partnership with Jungwha Arts University

2012 ~ 2014

  • 12/01Support for education for beauty and entrepreneurship signed the program development business agreement
  • 12/11Selected as an official sponsor of snail cosmetics
  • 12/12Medical cosmetics <DMCK> renew brand
  • 13/06France Medical Cosmetic <DMCF> launched
  • 13/11Selected as an official sponsor of <Cultural Entertainment Grand Prize>
  • 14/04Publication of the monthly issue of Beauty Gallery 100
  • 14/11Cultural Entertainment Grand Prize Awarded <Beauty Cosmetic Grand Prize>

2008 ~ 2011

  • 08/08<Hyun Cosmetic> MOU signed
  • 09/10<Culture and Entertainment> snail cosmetic sponsor
  • 10/12<Beauty Cosmetic of the Year in 2010> award Korea Cosmetic
  • 11/05Export contract with Nhan Sac Viet Co., Lte (Vietnam)
  • 11/10Export contract with ORIC (China)
  • 11/12Korea Culture & Entertainment Prize Organizing Committee <Aesthetic Culture Grand> Award

2008 ~ 2011

  • 09/03Professional Cosmetics <COSPHAM> established
  • 05/12Woori Trade was established
  • 06/01<Beauty Gallery> was published
  • 06/06Swiss naturalism brand <DMC> launched